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[Ginger] Monday Night Football Live Online Free HD Online
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Monday Night Football Live Stream

The Jacksonville franchise, unable to clear itself, appeals to the quarterback who gives them so much headaches after proving Chad Henne starting.

The dysfunction in the Jacksonville Jaguars has reached a new, and stupendous, chapter this week. Doug Marrone, against all odds, has named Blake Bortles starting quarterback for the first regular-season game against the Houston Texans . Which means that, until the course turns again, it will be the director of the official attack for the 2017 course.

This decision comes after giving the first team to Chad Henne in the third game of the preseason. This match is considered the most important of the four of August because it is the general rehearsal facing the start of the regular season. The first two are more evidence and the fourth serves only to play the discards of the templates that, one day after that encounter, have to go from 90 units to 53.

In that third match, Marrone chose to Henne like proprietor, which seemed to indicate that it gave the equipment to him to the veteran. But, as in the rest of the preseason, the entire first team was pretty messy, and among them, the quarterback prominently. So, on that side, you can understand that, after seeing Henne against a defense of truth and with the companions who are really going to play, he instantly repented and returned to Blake Bortles.

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